I developed a love and passion for badminton at the age of 7. Because of the popularity of the sport in my home country Indonesia, I recognized that in order to overcome the fierce competition, I must be ready to undergo strenuous training. After intense and rigorous preparation, I was selected to train with the Indonesian national team, which is rated among the best in the world. I spent several years training with the national team, undergoing intense training and conditioning. All my hard work eventually paid off, for in just a few years, I was able to win 7 National Tournaments, ranked #1 in the country in 2003.


Badminton has a passionate following in most of the countries in Asia. There is an intense rivalry among these countries and international matches can easily fill a large stadium with supporters. However, the situation is quite different in the United States. In-spite of the importance give to sports here, badminton has not received the attention and support that it deserves. I am confident that, once the sports-loving citizens of this country see first-hand the speed, power and technique that is on display in a competitive game, they too will fall in love with this sport. I aspired to do my part in making this happen and to compete in the Olympics, as a member of Team USA. With the support of my family, I was able to come to America to begin a journey towards fulfilling that dream.



Upon arriving to the United States in the year 2006, I acquired a high level performance badminton player position at the Golden Gate Badminton Club, competing and help out cultivating young talent, grooming them for their future badminton endeavors. Through competition and constant training, I was able to grow and develop into an even better player. At the age of 23, I have already competed in various tournaments, winning the National Championship in 2008, to name just one, and was ranked number #1 in the United States for Mixed Doubles in 2009. Further, several of my students are themselves making a mark of their own, by winning local tournaments and attracting further recruits to the sport.



A growing passion for teaching and developing young players prompted me to reverse my professional priorities. It was in the year of 2010, I accepted an offer from Bay Badminton Club (BBC), one of the largest badminton clubs in Bay Area. As the current coaching director and head-coach of BBC’s training academy in Milpitas, I have become a full-time coach and part-time competitor. My roles in BBC include, but not limited to, the followings: recruiting and supervising new coaches, outlining and structuring the program for badminton academy such as; beginners, intermediate, advance , and the Elite team, as well as promoting badminton in the U.S. to a higher level of sports.




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